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Downloads videos from the web and converts them
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Copies episodes from your favorite TV shows found on the web and converts them into formats that are easier to manage on a PC or compatible with mobile devices lie iPhones, iPads, PSP, etc.

Episode Downloader is a web video downloader and video converter. The name of this application is a little tricky, since it suggests that it is designed to download TV show episodes. I am not saying that it can't do just that, but if you look closely, Episode Downloader is just another one of those video downloaders. In fact, I have recently written about a YouTube downloader with the exact same interface as this application.

Episode Downloader has a built-in search engine. It displays search results along with a thumbnail and a brief description. However, some basic information is missing, like video duration, source, etc. It is hard to find full episodes when you don't know if you are downloading a 2-minute clip or a 40-minute video. There is an option to look for long videos (over 20 minutes), but that isn't specific enough. It is also hard to know where Episode Downloader downloads the videos from, since there is no clear description or source.

When you double-click a video, you will add it to the download window, where it will download and you can access it later, to play it. There is a built-in player, but your system has got to have the appropriate codecs for it to work.

During my testing, it wasn't easy to find any full-length TV episodes of well-known shows. Animated series and documentaries showed better results.

José Fernández
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  • It is quick
  • Nice interface


  • It is just a glorified FLV downloader
  • The interface is identical to one of the many FLV downloaders out there
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